Magical Tails AHS Elsa *NL

Unfortunately we have to announce that Elsa became an star this Thursday night (20-06-2019). Elsa did not gain weight on Saturday morning and she was breathing more heavy. We went to the emergency doctor that day because I didn’t trust it. The veterinarian checked her out completely but there was really nothing wrong.

Elsa’s lungs were clean and there was nothing to be seen in her nose, throat, eyes and ears. She also had no fever at all, which caused the heavy breathing was unknown. To be sure, the vet then gave her some fluid with some antibiotics and sugars. I also immediately started feeding Elsa.

The feeding was soon feeding every 3 hours. It went better with Elsa until she got a little dried out on Wednesday due to the warm weather. We then went to the DA again for an injection of fluid. Elsa was also breathing more heavy but there was still nothing to be found. The lungs were still clean, just like her nose. Elsa went well again after the visit to the DA only she went backwards from 22:00. It became harder to breath for her by the hour and she didn’t wanna eat anymore. The vet thinks it might be something with her brains afterwards because there were no physical symptoms. We did everything we could, unfortunately, this did not help and Elsa crossed the rainbow bridge.

I was born last. I also thought it would be a great idea to come with my legs first! I weigh 137 grams and i’m the smallest of all. My color is ds 09, I think that means Red Smoke White.

Today I’m 1 week old! I’m not the smallest anymore, I’m a happy baby that loves to cuddle. Sometimes i even softly purr. My hair is also getting longer, maybe I’ll have the same hairdo as Marie next week!