Magical Tails AHS Chester *NL

4 weeks old already! They say we grow really well. We all weigh more then 600 grams. Today we also tried baby pate and we have acces to half the living room.

They say I’m becoming a real male! Maybe it is cause I’m a bit clumsy. I love to cuddle and i can purr real loud! And if i want attention I just miauw until you pick me up.

I’m 2 weeks old and i already weigh more than 400 grams! I’m starting to waddle around in our box. I love to listen and i will do so while looking at you.

3 weeks old already, time goes fast! I’m not the the small one anymore, i’m finally heavier then Ally. Sometimes I’m still a little shy, but they say that it will get easier for me. My favorite toy right now is the rainbow ball, it’s really good for chewing. My sisters love to wrestle with me, usually that’s fun until they both come at once!

I was born 1ste! I weigh 150 grams. My color is d 03 i think it stands for red white.

Today I’m 1 week old. I weigh 240 grams now, so you could say i’ve grown good. At first it was a little hard for me to find the milkbar with all those ladies, but i have found my way. My eyes are already open, but i don’t see a lot.