Magical Tails AHS Ally *NL

4 weeks old! We grow very fast they say. We all weigh more then 600 grams! Today we tried baby pate for the first time. Also we got half the living room to make a mess.

Since I can climb on the couch I’m always next to my “staff”. I always wanna cuddle and i have a really loud purr.

@ weeks and I already weigh more then 400 grams! For now I’m still the quiet one and I love to watch before I go investigate.

We survived the warm weather! This week we expanded a little bit they said we grew too fast. I love to wrestle with my sister Marie. My favorite toy is the crispy ball, it has bright colors and makes a lot of noise.


I was born third in a row, I thought it was a good idea what Marie did and also came tail first. I weigh 142 grams. My color code is d it stands for red.

1 week old.. I’m the calm one of the red devils. I love to cuddle with my mommy. We are already being picked up to cuddle and I love this. I grew well and now i weigh 254 grams.