Magical Tails Qmusic’s Eva *NL

Lilo had too much energy for Adele alone, so i asked my mother if it wouldn’t be better that Eva would come live with us. We didn’t have to think long so we went to get Eva. Only we didn’t like the name Eva (she didn’t listen to it) so we decided to call her Eevee. The moment Eevee came in they became best friends. They did everything together: play, washing each other and sleeping. 

Eevee is a cat that has to know you before they will reveal themselfs. But when she knows you, you can better hide. She loves to cuddle in between us in bed, if you don’t make room she will make sure you make some. Eevee also likes to go where you go and just lay down when she pleases, sometimes that is a problem… but we love her anyway. Eevee is also my shadow and follows me everywhere i go, so don’t think about closing doors cause she will keep scratching until you let her in! She will try to talk to you but she doesn’t make a lot of noise, Sometimes it even sounds too funny.