Magical Tails Pixar’s Lilo *NL

We were talking about a second cat for a while. We wanted a black torti white kitten so much, we just love torti Maine Coons. So when Adele got pregnant we were hoping that she would give us a beautiful litter and the torti girl of course. When Adele was 2 weeks in her pregnancy we took the time to rub her belly everyday and ask for beautiful torti baby’s, hoping our wish would come true. After 9 long weeks she finally gave birth, and yes there were 2 tortie girls. Lilo was born last but we fell in love right away with the tortie girl with the “Kitty with Moustache”.

From the 1st day Lilo was being spoiled with cuddles and love. Lilo also was a born model and would always look right in the camera. She still loves to have her photo taken and she will always pose, so we get a lot of perfect pictures. Lilo also is a clown so she is known for making weird faces in front of the camera. 

Lilo is best described as someone that goes to one person, but if she likes you she will talk to you until you go nuts. She will always be near and is kinda like my shadow. Her favorite toy is the laser pen, she already knows the sound that the buttons make so she’ll come rushing. Lilo loves to go outside and watch what nature has to offer. Lilo doesn’t mind if it is cold or if it rains, she just dries herself of on your lap and will warm up again.