Magical Tails Carina Smyth *NL

Carina, also known as Purrrina, lives with us since march 2019. Carina is a real cuddle lover and loves to give headbumps, as hard as she can. When she want to cuddle she’ll make sure it happens, you can try to push her away but she keeps coming back until you gave her attention. if she had it her way she would be on your lap 24/7. Carina will always be close, cause it would be a disaster when she would miss something. One of her hobby’s are looking out the window and making a mess. Carina’s favorite motto “When it moves when you hit it, it’s a toy!”


HCM dna: N/N

PKD dna: N/N

SMA: Will be done soon

PKDef: Will be done soon

PL: Will be done soon

HD: Will be done soon

HCM screening: Will be done soon

PKD screening: Will be done soon

Fiv/FelV: Will be done soon