Cat Voices Adele *NL

Adele is born on 11 september 2011, she lived with my mom since she was 13 weeks old. So Adele already knew me her whole life. March 2017 I wen to live on my own with my partner Ivo. After a few months my mother asked if we didn’t wanna have a cat to join us, cause we had no pets yet. She asked it with a purpose cause Adele didn’t feel at home at my moms anymore, so she tried to hide a lot. After thinking for a while we decided to “adopt” Adele. it would be easier for her cause she already knew us. My mom tried to replace her once and it didn’t go well so we hoped it would work this time. But Adele settled down fast and recognized us. Within 2 days she felt at home and acted like her old self. She started playing again and loved to cuddle and sleep on our laps.

Adele had one more litter at our house, this was the first litter of Magical Tails, Lilo was born from this litter. Adele is now a happy castrate who sometimes does crazy things with her toys. She also got her fur back and looks like a majestic lion, cause in the old house she had the opportunity to go to the balcony we made “coon proof”. Adele will spend the last years of her life with us, known as the candy vacuum she is that loves to cuddle.

Nice thing to know about Adele: She knows how to open the lit of the candyboxes.